Zyxel Keenetic Ultra Router

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Yesterday there were five and big, and today they are small, but three.

This nuance is that in addition to the same hardware that is available in the ZyXel Keenetic Giga II, they simply added another radio module for the 5 GHz band, screwed an additional antenna and called the whole thing Keenetic Ultra. Well, the price was raised, where without it. That’s all – at first glance – the differences between these devices. Or not all? Well, let’s understand.

Although … Here you can directly quote whole pieces of text from a previous review. Keenetic Giga II and Keenetic Ultra are twin brothers. The top cover made of glossy black plastic and the pattern of the hollows will actively resist the cleanliness and neatness of the case, although they look generally pretty and generally bring some kind of variety to the design of home network devices. The Ultra version is slightly larger and more massive than its younger brother – dimensions 186x120x39 mm with a mass of 310 grams. The first big difference is not even the presence of another antenna, but the fact that now they are all fixed and can only lean back 90 ° and rotate 180 ° around their axis. In addition, they have a slightly lower gain – 3 dBi instead of 5 dBi, as in Giga II.

Due to the slightly increased width of the front panel, it was possible to place a little more dull green indicators on it. Now for each of the two USB ports and for both ranges there are separate indicators. The remaining ones, as before, indicate the presence of power, activity of Ethernet ports and Internet connection. On the side, a pair of USB 2.0 connectors is also conveniently located, and the power, start WPS, reset and Fn buttons remained in place. The set of connectors on the rear panel is the same as in the Giga II, only the WAN port had to be slightly pushed aside to fit an additional antenna. As a result, we have five gigabit Ethernet ports, which are actually completely equal, and one power connector.

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