Configuring a Cisco Router

Preparing the router for work

One end of the patch cord is connected to the network card of the computer, the other should be connected to one of the three connectors (LAN ports) on the rear panel of the router. We connect the cable with the Internet that enters the apartment to a single connector (WAN port).

1. Open any browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) and enter in the address bar. In the window that appears in the fields "Username" and "Password" enter admin. After that, click "input".

2. The first page that opens will be a page with general network settings. In line "Internet connection type" set item "Automatic Configuration – DHCP". Click on the button "Save settings".

3. Now go to the Wi-Fi settings.

Go to the section "Wireless" in the top menu. On the line "Wireless Network Name (SSID)" enter the name of the wireless network. The name should not contain Russian letters, it is best to use Latin characters and numbers. "Save settings".

4. To protect the network from unauthorized access, you must put a password on it.

To do this, do the following:

Choose a category "Wireless security".In line "Security mode:" set item "WPA2 Personal".In line "WPA Shared Key:" enter the password on our wi-fi network. Password must contain at least 8 characters and include latin letters or numbers. "Save settings". To apply the settings, you must restart the router.

Setting up the router is completed.

Binding a physical address of a device to an IP address

After connecting a new device, you must bind the physical address of the router to the IP address issued by RiNet.

This can be done in the RiNet account in the tab "access setting" or call technical support and tell them the WAN MAC address of the router.

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