Dhcp Router Server

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Come in. If necessary, enter a username and password for this. This step is not needed for some routers. If a password is required to enter your router, this will be indicated in its documentation. Usually, the default username is “admin”, and the password field can be left blank.

Go to Setup -gt; Basic Setup. Scroll down until you see DHCP Server (Enable) (Disable). If it is disabled, select Enable.

If you want, you can change the range of IP addresses that is issued by the DHCP server. This is not necessary and completely depends on the user’s preferences. If you don’t know what it is, you can skip this step. Some routers allow you to set the maximum number of DHCP clients. If your router has this option, count all the computers, smartphones, and other devices that connect to your network (for example, Apple TV) and add a few additional ones for guests who want to use your Internet connection. Once the maximum is reached, no one else will be able to get the address until some of the highlighted addresses have action lines!

Configure DNS. Use the DNS servers provided by your ISP, or the following:,, – In general, there are many DNS servers. But if possible, it is better to use your provider’s servers.

Save the settings. Click on the Save button." or apply" or any button that is used to save changes made.

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