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Physicist Jason Cole has developed a mobile app called WiFi Solver to help track indoor Internet signal distribution and determine the best place to install a home router. The application appeared on Google Play on September 1.


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The main function of WiFi Solver is the ability to visualize how the waves of the wireless connection are distributed in the apartment or its individual room.

To do this, you need to upload a schematic floor plan in png format to the application (preferably not exceeding 500 by 500 pixels) and select the approximate location of the router on the display.

Using this information, WiFi Solver will build a model of propagation of Wi-Fi waves taking into account angles, walls and other obstacles that interfere with their good conductivity. The zones with the strongest signal on the screen will be highlighted in red and orange, and the places where the signal practically doesn’t catch will be highlighted in different shades of blue, purple and black.

As the scientific and educational project Obrazovac observes, the author of the application used the two-dimensional Helmholtz equation to construct a mathematical model of the signal propagation of the router. The equation allows you to calculate the movement of electromagnetic waves, as well as their reflection from the walls of the room.

WiFi Solver is available for download from Google Play for 31 rubles. At the same time, some users of social networks note that one equation to build an accurate and reliable model of the distribution of the Internet signal is not enough, and the application does not take into account indicators such as the material of the walls, as well as the permeability of the medium for electromagnetic waves.

Jason Cole himself on the blog asks not to take the program he created too strictly, as this is his first experience in developing a mobile application for Android. To numerous requests from readers to make a web version of the service, the physicist replies that he does not think about it yet, considering such a project too inefficient because of the time it takes to process the results.

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