How to Configure a Router

Check the firmware version of the router. To do this, select System Tools ⇒ Firmware Update (or System Tools ⇒ Firmware Upgrade in the English version of the firmware) from the menu on the left.

The recommended version is 3.13.1 Build 130327 Rel.51642n. If the firmware version matches the one recommended by us, then an update is not required and you can proceed.

If the firmware version does not match the recommended one, then click Browse, select the downloaded firmware file, and then click the Update button (or Upgrade in the English version of the firmware).

Attention! Do not turn off the power of the router until the update procedure is complete!

Wait for the firmware update to finish (about 5 minutes).

After the update, the authorization page will automatically open in the Internet browser. Use the username admin and the password admin to enter the router interface.

Change default password

For increased security, we recommend changing the default password for accessing the router settings page.

To do this, go to the System Tools ⇒ Password section.

In the Previous username and Previous password fields, enter the current details (the default username and password is admin / admin). In the New username field, specify the login to enter the router. We recommend specifying the default value – admin. In the New password and Confirm password fields, enter a new password to access the router and click Save. You can use a password from your Personal Account or any other. Recommendations for choosing a password: at least 8 characters, should consist of numbers, lowercase and uppercase Latin letters. It is not recommended to choose a well-known dictionary word, term, name / surname, animal name, date or easily selected combinations of these parameters as a password.

Attention! The TP-LINK TL-WR740N router with standard factory settings allows you to connect wireless devices to yourself without using passwords! Be sure to configure your router’s wireless interface or disable its support. Otherwise, someone can connect to your home network without your consent.

Wireless Name Setting

To configure a wireless network in the Wireless mode section ⇒ Wireless settings, set the following parameters:

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