How to Set Up a Wireless Router

1. Before setting up, check for the latest version of software (firmware). This is not necessary, but the fresher the firmware version, the less likely it is that the router will fail. If you nevertheless decided not to flash, then go to step 2, skip the 3rd and then continue from the 4th. If flashing, then go to the site

… and download the file with the firmware, remember where we downloaded it:

2. Then we proceed directly to the firmware and configuration of our router. To do this, connect the device to a power source. Insert one end of the patch cord (network cable, crimped on both sides by connectors) into the network card of your laptop or stationary PC, and the other into one of the 4 ports of the router (those framed in yellow).

Open a browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or others), go to the address:

3. The main window of the router’s Web interface will open in front of you. If you decide to upgrade the router, then go to the corresponding menu item of the router and indicate the path to the firmware that you downloaded before:

ATTENTION! During the firmware, do not disconnect the cable from the router, do not disconnect it from the power!

4. After the firmware, configure the connection by the following items:

5. Now we configure directly Wi-Fi:

… and configure the security of our wireless network:

6. If you like to play on-line games, then it will be useful to follow these steps:

That’s all, the router setup is complete. Now you just need to insert the cable with the Internet into the WAN port on the rear panel of the router and connect computers (and / or other devices) to the router. If you have a stationary PC, then we connect it to the router with a patch cord and you are on the Internet. If this is a laptop, then you need to find your wireless network and connect to it by entering the encryption key that you drove when setting up the router.

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