Huawei Switches

S12700 Agile Switch Advantages

We present network switches for the Internet in more than 10 series and 100 modifications. Huawei Agile Network’s flexible network solution uses switches to improve the performance of mobile and interactive services, increase security, and simplify campus deployment. In the Cloud Fabric SC CloudEngine solution, they serve as a means to deploy flexible and open data center networks.

ICs are used at enterprises, in government organizations, in the financial sector, in educational and healthcare institutions. Huawei access switches allow you to segment traffic between ports, detect loops, monitor traffic for storms, limit the speed of entry and exit on ports. Ethernet switches are designed to meet the stringent requirements of a converged network boundary with virtual bandwidth stacking technology.

Our technologies include networking equipment, including switches for implementing advanced collaboration applications. We are ready to offer solutions of different levels of complexity and scale of organization: Ethernet switch equipment for small and medium enterprises, switches for campus networks, core level switches, aggregation and access for high-power data centers.

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