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NetGear GS-108T Switch

Almost all modern file servers for home and small business are made on Intel processors, from Atom to Xeon. The power of any of them is enough to block the speed of a gigabit network port, and manufacturers are happy to write speeds of 160-200 or more megabytes per second, mentioning the aggregation of channels, but forgetting to tell the details. In a nutshell, channel aggregation allows you to combine several network ports into one, increasing server performance.

In most cases, when a customer chooses network equipment for small or home offices, ordinary home gigabit switches or routers are used, and in small companies there are no more jobs for a dozen or two more jobs. But if you have installed server hardware or at least a NAS with which several clients work, then it is better to choose a smart business-class switch, and even then not everyone. Link aggregation is typically used in multiport switches to connect network segments. NETGEAR was the first to introduce the GS108T V2 managed gigabit switch for small businesses with support for many features, including aggregation. This is an 8-port model, quite cheap (only about $ 150), compact enough (the size of a regular home router), with the ability to power on POE and various functions for professional network configuration and monitoring. In general, judging by the declared characteristics, the best way to connect a NAS or server to a small network and come up with something is difficult, well, so we will check it.

NETGEAR GS108T v2 – Managed Backup Switch

NETGEAR GS108T v2 (aka GS108T-200, aka GS108Tv2, aka GS108T in some price lists) is a new version of the GS108T 8-port switch. Like the previous model, this is a level 2 switch for small businesses, including for use where increased demands are placed on the reliability of network connectivity. Unlike the previous version, the GS108T v2 has a more compact body and some new “chips”, one of which is the ability to power on the network port using Power Over Ethernet (POE): is the power supply gone? You can get power from another switch with POE ports or directly from the POE injector.

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