Router MTS

The MTS 3G Router Wireless 3G / Wi-Fi Router (MTS DIR-320) is designed to provide high-speed wireless Internet access over the MTS 3G / 2G network using the MTS Connect 3G USB modem. MTS DIR-320 also works in the GPRS / EDGE network through the MTS network.

Alternatively, you can use an 802.11g wireless connection, as well as quickly and easily connect to a leased line or broadband modem.

MTS Connect 3G USB Modem and Creating a Wireless Network By connecting the MTS Connect 3G USB modem to MTS 3G, users can share a high-speed wireless connection to the MTS 3G / 2G network to access the Internet for a wide range of professional tasks. You can find the necessary information on the Internet, check e-mail, communicate with colleagues and partners, organize video conferences from anywhere in your office (in the coverage area of ​​your wireless network).

You can also use the MTS 3G Router and the MTS Connect 3G USB modem to create a wireless network at home, which will allow you and your loved ones to quickly and easily access the Internet anywhere in the coverage area of ​​your home wireless network.

Network Security Protection “MTS 3G Router” is equipped with a built-in firewall that protects the user network from external attacks, thereby minimizing damage from hackers and preventing unwanted network intrusions.

The router also supports WEP and WPA encryption standards. Thanks to the supported routing and encryption functionality, it allows you to create a secure wireless network for your home or office.

Built-in Ethernet Switch MTS 3G Router has a built-in 4-port Ethernet switch that allows you to connect computers equipped with Ethernet adapters, game consoles and other devices to the router network.

Ease of use Thanks to the integrated web-based management interface, the user can easily access the settings of the “MTS 3G Router”.

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