Router Tenda


Connecting a router. Remove the router from the box, install it in a convenient place for you. Plug the power adapter from the kit into the appropriate connector on the back of the router and into a 220V outlet. Connect the main network cable (the one you were brought into the apartment to when connecting to the Alliance Telecom network) to the WAN port, and connect the network cable from the kit with one end to one of the numbered LAN ports on the back of the router and the other to the computer’s network card , which already had Internet access from AllianceTelecom. You won’t need the installation disk that comes with the router. Important: Do not connect the main network cable to the numbered LAN ports! This will lead to disruption of the communication service throughout the house. Setting up the router. Setting up the Tenda router will be performed through the web interface. To do this, in any browser on your computer (Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome), go to the address bar in the address bar: (the router has this address by default).

By default, enter Default: admin, Password: admin click OK.

Connection can be made both in a simplified version and in an advanced one.

By default, a DHCP connection is selected; if not, select it. Next, enter the password for the WIFI network of the router and click OK. Now you need to register a new network equipment.

Register new network equipment

On your computer, start any Internet browser from the installed ones (for example, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome), in the address bar, enter the address stat. (it is dialed without and press the Enter key on the keyboard, before you enter your Personal Account. Log in using the username and password specified in your copy of the “Agreement on the provision of communication services”.

In the Personal Account, by default, the “Profile” section opens, go to the “Settings” section. Click “Register network equipment.” The messages that appear next, in green, indicate that “Your equipment has already been registered” and that “after 5 minutes it will be necessary to restart the computer”. It is not necessary to restart the computer, because now the network equipment of the router, not the computer, is being registered. The registration process can take up to 10 minutes and by the time you finish …

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