Router Tp-Link 841

To configure a TP-LINK router, for example, tl-wr841n (we recommend this model for installation in most cases), you will first need to connect it correctly. Connect as shown in the figure:

Note. The cable at the end of which there is Internet, i.e. Do not connect the SkyNET cable to the router’s subscriber ports in any case (yellow), even if the Internet does not work, you should not experiment, because the Internet will not be provided by the router if the Internet cable is not in the WAN port (blue). If the Internet does not work, call those. support.

After you have correctly connected the router, you can begin to configure it. On the computer that was previously connected to SkyNET and which is now connected to the router, open a browser (Internet browser) and in the address bar enter the address of the router: Confirm the entered address by pressing the Enter button.

When entering the settings page, the router will require you to enter a username and password, enter: Username – admin, Password – admin. And click on OK.

If you entered everything correctly, the configuration page of the router will open in the Status section:

Go to the section (transition points are located on the left side of the screen) Network gt; MAC address cloning.

On the right side of the screen that opens the section, click on the Clone MAC address button. As a result, the WAN MAC address should become equal to the MAC address field of the computer. Then click the Save button.

If you use a VPN connection to connect, go to the Network section gt; WAN. If not, you can skip this configuration section. To find out what type of connection you use, you can find out by phone from the operator of the technical department. support.

Select WAN Connection Type: PPTP / Russia PPTP

Fill in the Username and Password fields with the credentials left by the SkyNET employee when connecting. If you can’t remember these data or find a connection payment receipt, you can call the tech department. support and the operator, by phone, will tell you your credentials.

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