Tp-Link Tl-Wr740N Router Setup

Let’s start by analyzing the front panel of indicators. This will help you to understand at a basic level if there are any problems (such as: the Internet does not work, does not connect via Wi Fi, or there is no connection to the router on a desktop computer). So, this is how all the lights on the 740n look like:

PWR – This is a network indicator. If this indicator lights up in green – everything is in order, the router is successfully connected to the power supply. If it does not burn, then the router does not receive power. This may mean that it has broken, or the power supply has burned out, or your socket simply does not work. SYS – The indicator of system parameters, if it blinks, everything is in order. If this light is on when turned on, it means that the system is being set up. If it’s not lit, it’s a system error. WLAN is the Wi-Fi connection indicator; if it works successfully, it blinks. If it is just on, a failure has occurred (the easiest solution is to turn on / off the power of the tl wr740n router) .LAN (1-4) – This light indicates that the device is connected via a wire to the LAN port. If it blinks, it means that everything is in order and data is transferred between devices and routers. If it does not blink, but just burns, a system failure may have occurred (restart the computer and turn off the power, and then turn on the power of the router). There may also be problems with the network card. WAN – This is a WAN port indicator. An “Internet” wire is inserted into this port, the indicator should blink. If it is not lit, it means that the signal is not coming, the provider’s wire may be damaged or the provider has stopped providing the service (disconnected you :-))

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