Types of Network Switches

twisted pair crimped cable

In any organization where there are two or more computers, it is advisable to combine them into a local network. The network allows employees to quickly exchange information and documents with each other, and is used to share Internet access, equipment and storage devices. To combine computers, we need certain network equipment. In today’s article, we will consider what equipment is used to create a wired LAN.

Network equipment – the devices that make up a computer network. Two types of network equipment are conventionally distinguished:

Active network equipment – equipment that is capable of processing or converting information transmitted over the network. Such equipment includes network cards, routers, print servers. Passive network equipment is equipment that serves for simple signal transmission at the physical level. These are network cables, connectors and network sockets, repeaters and signal amplifiers.

To install a wired LAN, we first need:

network cable and connectors (called connectors) -network cards – one in each PC on the network, and two on the computer that serves as a server to access an Internet device or device that provides packet transfer between computers on the network. For networks of three or more computers, you need a special device – a switch that integrates all the computers in the network — additional network devices. The simplest network is built without such equipment, however, when organizing a general Internet connection, using shared network printers, additional devices can facilitate the solution of such problems.

Now consider in more detail all of the above equipment:

Network conductors

This group includes various network cables (twisted pair, coaxial cable, optical fiber).

Coaxial cable is the first cable used to create networks. Its use in the construction of local computer networks has long been abandoned.

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