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You goy, inhabitants of Orenburg, locals, and nonresident guests! And I was just yesterday, on August twenty-third day, on the quest “The Local Lore-Robbers.” Uh, tired of jokingly writing, I will be serious in the future. As usual, our tireless blogger Vitaliy Koyrah drew me to this, for which, again, thanks. But it’s not just him – the still glorious telephone company Megafon. Actually, this whole quest … pah, you new word, overseas, even the Word himself does not know … So. This whole quest was organized by Megafon, known to the whole community for spending more money on PR than on advertising. And this is what it results in – about fifteen loosened scribble bloggers seriously ran around the city, breathing hard and cursing the soft armchairs.

Why? And the meaning was this. The role of the “mechanical hare”, which we were chasing, was performed by Vitaliy Svet Revoldovich himself, and we had to find him. He, like in the original game “Cossacks-robbers”, left behind clues …

But do readers know the game “Cossack robbers”? .. This is a game of the pre-computer era, when the most interesting thing in the life of children was on the street, and not at home. One team ran away and hid, leaving arrows on the pavement or leaflets crushed by pebbles. And the second team, after a few minutes, rushed after the first, at the prompts. So here we are, but the prompts were thematic. The girl Anastasia ran with us if my memory serves me right. And she was dragging a router from Megafon with her, which exuded a free internet with a wild pressure, knocking passers-by off her feet. We all stuck to it with our smartphones, and immediately started downloading movies in Blue-Ray quality. I’m joking, but the Internet was really smart. I, in view of probably the unreliability of my face, was sent to the fans without explanation. Attempts to find out how the “participant” differs from the “fan” did not lead to anything, and I suspected that it was all about the money. I don’t know how, but in money, for sure. Because always, if something is not clear, there is no doubt: it is money.

So there you go! A powerful brilliant stream of Internet from the router has overtaken us with information: the first label is a photo of brickwork. Dima immediately realized that

about the Pushkin Museum, and in a hurry rushed across the Soviet towards adventures. The rest, swearing and wailing – for him. In the future, the trend continued: no one wanted to run, but they scammed themselves with abuse and complaints. Then everyone took a selfie, sent photos from the place of arrival to their Instagrams, and received a new tip. So everything was repeated.

If there was a device that shows the concentration of the Internet per unit area, then we would see a monstrous picture: swearing people are running along the street, and behind them, coughing and cursing bloggers, is hobbling a cute girl who has Internet beams from her bag, spreading to nearby quarters. Smartphones of passers-by mournfully squeak after asking for permission to join the source of Wi-Fi, their owners turn their heads perplexedly, looking for the source of grace, but late: the pretty girl Anastasia, so excited by smartphones, has already flashed past.

The tasks followed one after another, selfies from places of riddles rained down, but at some moment one of the genius of the team realized that we were following along the walls of Orenb fortress

urga … and then everything became clear to us. Why is the quest called “Robbery Heroists” that we took pictures at the places of the bastions, and that our mechanical hare follows somewhere near Naberezhnaya Street, not otherwise. We loudly exclaimed: “With us is Megaphone, 4-G and Saint Wai-Fay ! ”, And rushed forward. Victims of bullying by Vitaliy Koyrakh turned into hunters.

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