What is Wai Fi Access Point

Tell us about the modes of the wireless Wi-Fi access point that are used in ZyXEL professional access points.


Below we consider the main modes of professional wireless Wi-Fi access points, as well as in which cases this or that mode is used.

Access Point (AP) Mode

In this mode, the device will work as a regular wireless Wi-Fi access point, i.e. In this mode, customers (laptops, desktop computers, PDAs, communicators, smartphones, etc.) are given the opportunity to get wireless access to the device (if the client devices have a wireless Wi-Fi 802.11n / g / b adapter) to connect to the Internet and to wired network resources. Access Point mode is the simplest and most frequently used mode of operation of a wireless access point.

The wireless access point has an SSID (Service Set Identifier), which is used to identify the wireless network (determines the network name), and it is the wireless adapter that sees it when viewing available wireless networks and then uses it to connect.

Wireless Bridge Mode

In this mode, the device is used to connect two wired networks independent from each other. It can also be used as a wireless Ethernet extension cable to connect two network segments.

AP / Bridge Mode (AP + Bridge)

When using the AP / Bridge sharing mode, the wireless access point simultaneously acts as a regular Wi-Fi access point for wireless clients and as a wireless bridge between your own wireless network and a remote wireless network.

AP / Bridge mode also allows you to connect three or more wireless networks:

Repeater Mode Wireless Repeater (Bridge / Repeater)

Repeater mode (repeater, repeater) is necessary for connecting two wireless access points in cases where establishing direct communication between them is not possible. In fact, in this mode, the device relays radio signals between access points. For example, device R acts as a repeater, providing communication between devices B1 and B2 acting as bridges:

An access point in Repeater mode can connect more than two bridge points. In addition, if necessary, you can connect two wireless points "chain" from multiple repeater points.

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