Which Router to Choose for Home

Which router to choose - connect all the equipment into one

Nowadays, wireless routers (or popularly a router) are becoming more and more popular and can be found anywhere. A well-chosen router is perhaps the most important component of a wireless network, which makes it easy to connect your computer or laptop to the Internet, as well as organize a small network inside your apartment or home. However, choosing a good and truly needed equipment is not always easy – in fact, this bunch of obscure features can be confusing. Moreover, many manufacturers tend to exaggerate the possibilities of their creations.

Suppose you already own broadband Internet access via DSL, cable TV, or any other solution. The next thing you need is to answer the question of which router to choose, which will be a kind of conductor between your devices and the Internet channel.

Do you need him?

Routers are not a prime necessity. They are absolutely useless if you prefer to use a wired connection and connect the Ethernet cable directly to the computer. But what about smartphones or tablets, do you have them? Routers allow them to access the Internet wirelessly, and also allow you to exchange files within the network, play streaming music and video, and smoothly connect all devices in your home. They are not an absolute necessity, but for most people they are a must.

Network Standards: 802.11n vs. 802.11ac

Now let’s talk about the features that should be considered when choosing wireless routers. Like smartphones, manufacturers are constantly introducing new and more powerful wireless standards in routers. So at the moment the standard is 802.11n. Almost every device on the market meets the requirements of the above standard, and this is almost always noticeably highlighted by the manufacturer on the box. Devices that do not comply with this standard are considered obsolete (old standards b and g) and are not recommended for purchase.

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