Wi-Fi Equipment


NPO RAPIRA presents a new line of our equipment – a series of signal amplifiers of mobile operators LteCom. The devices are equipped with a built-in USB modem and allow not only stable reception of the Internet signal: using the built-in WIFI module, you can quickly organize a local wireless network, or relay the received signal to a distance of up to 50 km.

Introducing the new line of low-cost certified WIFIBIRD street WiFi routers in a robust metal case with integrated lightning protection. A convenient web interface makes it easy to configure the router and quickly create a radio channel with a channel capacity of up to 866 Mbit / s, which is ideal for providing private homes and cottage villages with the Internet.

Along with power supplies and PoE injectors of various types, the RAPIRA NPO company presents multi-port PoE injectors (MIP) equipped with special protection of each port both against static voltage and from the effects of thunderstorms. MIP can be installed in hardware, allowing you to solve the power problem using PoE technology immediately for many devices, and protecting equipment from voltage surges.

The traditional line of our industrial routers has a built-in thermostabilizer that provides cold start of devices at temperatures up to -60 ° C, which allows you to maintain reliable wireless communication in the most severe climatic conditions. The ability to connect to the transceiver complex of solar panels allows you to use our Wifi router in almost any area without reference to stationary power supplies.

Our radio routers can be additionally equipped with various accessories: feeders, tight connectors, lightning protection devices, PoE injectors of various modifications. If necessary, we will manufacture devices with parameters that are optimal for solving any non-standard task.

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