Wi Fi Router Dns

DNS server settings in the router

To use secure DNS services, you can configure a network router – router (Wi-Fi or wired). In this case, all computers and devices connected to the Internet through the router will use the selected DNS service

Note: The steps below may vary depending on the model of router used.

General router setup instructions

• Enter the IP address of the router in a web browser.

• Enter the username and password (the default username and password are provided in the instructions for the router).

• In the router control menu, find the DNS server settings. It might look like this:

• Enter the IP addresses of the selected DNS service and save the changes.

In the future, we will add specific instructions for the most common routers.

What is the IP address of the router

For most home networks, the default router address is,, or

Get IP Address in Windows

• Click the Start menu on the Windows taskbar and select Run. • In the Run field, type cmd and click OK. For Windows 7 / Vista, the command "cmd" is entered into a string "Find programs and files" start menu, then press "Enter"• In the window that appears, enter ipconfig and then press "Enter".

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