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Mobile WiFi Router

The age of mobile devices does not stand still, we present to your attention a small review of mobile WiFi routers. How the router works, you simply insert a SIM card and get a regular WiFi access point in any place convenient for you. You only need the presence of a cellular operator’s network to provide the Internet with many devices. The small size allows you to carry it with you, like in a bag, pocket or place it in a place where cellular communications are more stable. The software of the WiFi router is specially designed to provide high-speed connections and will not only allow you to watch e-mail, but also enjoy movies and online games anywhere, whether you are traveling by car or working in the country. You can also connect several devices to one router, this is a big plus, since you can share the Internet with your friends or while in the country, conveniently placing it on the table to connect a TV, game console, tablet and personal computer to it and you don’t need to buy each of these devices has its own separate 3G modem.

A great advantage of a mobile router is also its ease of setup. As a rule, it is completely absent and you can start using a mobile router as soon as you insert a SIM card. These models include very popular WiFi routers from Huawei

As a rule, you can find them in mobile phone stores. Of course, it’s convenient, however, tied to a specific operator and to insert a SIM card of another you have to pretty mess around. Here are the specifications of the popular modem from Huawei

Mobile WiFi router Huawei E560 Wireless Modem

Small size 95.5 x 48.6 x 14.1 mm. And light weight 90 gr. Built-in battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh. Allows you to stay online for four and a half hours. Also, the presence of the display will show you all the necessary information, such as the charge level, the presence and status of the connection in mobile operators, information about incoming and outgoing traffic.

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