Wifi router what is it


In the modern world you will no longer meet a person who does not have a computer. Computers have long ceased to be something extraordinary and unidentified, as it seemed several decades ago. Now, besides a stationary computer, many people buy laptops. A router, or just a router, is a network device that decides to forward packet data between different network segments. That is, it connects to the Internet and is engaged in the process of sending data between connected computers and the network.

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New (modern) routers also perform a protective function (protecting the local network from external threats), regulate the access of network users to Internet resources, distribute IP addresses, encrypt traffic, and much more.

A standard home router is a small-sized compact device that consists of a hardware unit with an antenna and a cord with a power supply at the end. When buying a router, do not forget that you will definitely need a power outlet at the installation site of the device.

A home network through a router is a combination of all home computers in one local network with Internet access. Home routers, as a rule, have four ports that allow you to connect four network devices via cable to the router.

It is not recommended to load a home router with a large number of devices, since the performance of the device can significantly decrease.

Another feature for some models of routers is the presence of a USB port, which makes it possible to use connected flash drives or hard drives like file servers, and also if you have a 3g modem, you can connect it to your home router and distribute 3G Internet.

As a rule, having a usb port allows you to use the router also as a print server. By connecting your printer to it, you can send documents from any computer connected to the network to print. Another important feature is the ability to work in VPN client mode, thanks to special firmware.

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