Wireless Access Point

The TL-WA901ND Wireless Access Point is designed to create or expand a scalable high-speed N-standard Wi-Fi network, and also to use it as a client to connect devices such as game consoles, printers, or NAS to a wireless network. The access point supports many different functions that will provide you with even more convenient use of the wireless network.

Many operating modes for building a WLAN

The device supports the operating modes of the access point / client / bridge / repeater, providing users with many possibilities for using the device. Many operating modes also allow you to quickly create a wireless network, eliminating dead zones.

Passive PoE Support – Connectivity Flexibility

Power TL-WA901ND can be produced via Ethernet cable simultaneously with data transfer, while the device can be located at a distance of 30 meters from the power source. This will allow you to install the access point in the most suitable place, for example, on a wall or under the ceiling of your office.

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