Wireless switch

Schematic diagram of the system with the participation of SeriaLynx

SeriaLynx is an adapter that allows you to connect devices over a wired or wireless Ethernet network. Adding SeriaLynx to the FinishLynx network makes it easy to send and receive results data between your computer and serial devices such as scoreboards, timers, wind sensors, and more.

SeriaLynx makes it easy to integrate wired serial devices into a wireless Ethernet network of results. The SeriaLynx adapter is equipped with two serial COM ports, a wired Ethernet port, and an antenna for broadcasting over an 802.11 wireless network. Each unit allows your FinishLynx computer, ResulTV computer, LynxPad computer or any other computer on the same subnet to communicate with two wired serial devices connected to SeriaLynx COM ports via a wireless connection,

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