Wireless Wi-Fi Routers

First, configure the main router to which the Internet is connected.

Setting up the main router.

We connect to the web interface of the roter, configure the Internet (if it is not configured), configure the Wi-Fi network, step by step this process is described in the article and the TP-Link WR841N firmware update and the initial configuration of the router (Internet, Wi-Fi).

In this example, I will use the name of the Wi-Fi network- PK_HELP.COM_TP-LINK, you also need to manually specify the Channel, I used 7.

In the menu “Wireless Protection”, in the PSK password line, specify the password, in this case I used Pk.help.coM.

On this, the settings for the TP-Link TL WR841DN / TP-Link TL WR841D main router can be considered complete. Now you need to connect the Internet to it and go on to configure the second router.

Setting up a second router.

Having connected to the web interface of the second router, go to the tab "DHCP"- "DHCP setup" and turn off the DHCP server, because the network must have one device "distributing" network settings.

After that, go to "Network"- "The local network" and change the IP address of the TP-Link TL WR841DN / TP-Link TL WR841D to since the network should not have two devices with the same IP addresses (let me remind you of the first router IP After pressing the button "Save" the router will reboot.

The next step is setting up a Wi-Fi network. We write the name of the Wi-Fi network, in this example PK_HELP.COM_TP-LINK-2, in the line Channel set 7. Put a tick "Enable WDS" and press the button "Search".

You will see the entire list of available Wi-Fi networks, we find the previously created PK_HELP.COM_TP-LINK and press the button "Connect".

As a result, the SSiD and BSSID fields will be automatically filled in, it remains to select the type of security key and enter the password that was used in the main router, in this example type is WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK and password Pk.help.coM. Push button "Save".

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