Zyxel Router Setup

Figure 1. Rear view

Connect the device to a power source. Insert one end of the patch cord (network cable, crimped on both sides by connectors) into the network card of your laptop or stationary PC, and the other into one of the 4 ports of the router (those framed in yellow). Connect the Internet cable to the WAN port (Internet) – the picture is framed in blue. Click Proceed to configure the router or open a browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or others), type in the address bar. In the authorization window, enter "Username" – admin, "Password" – 1234

If the router menu does not open, you should reset the router to the factory settings. To do this, on the back of the router, hold the Reset button for 10 seconds, then release. The router will reboot, the settings will be set by default.

Figure 2. Connecting to a router

Select the item on the left "System" and lower tab "Mode of operation". Here it is necessary to mark the field with a dot "Ethernet leased line".

Figure 3. Mode selection

2. Configuring the connection to work on the Ufanet network.

Go to "the Internet"select tab "Connection". Make sure that the IP settings are set to automatic, and that the field "Obtain DNS server addresses automatically" marked with a tick. Also tick the item "Allow UPnP".

Figure 4. Connection

Next, go to the tab "Login" and choose "PPPoE" opposite point "Internet access protocol".

After selecting a connection protocol, additional fields are required. Fields "Username" and "Password" fill in the data from the registration card, (login and password for access to the Internet, respectively). In field "Authentication method" select CHAP. Push button "To apply".

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