Configure Tp-Link Router


1. If you reboot the device, then the factory settings will be restored on it, while the user settings will be lost. Do not do a hardware reset of the device if you have not saved your settings, otherwise you will have to re-configure the device.

2. For these models, the WPS / RESET button is located on the rear / front panel. To use the WPS function, hold the button down for no more than 5 seconds, after which the WPS LED will blink. To reboot the router, hold the button for at least 10 seconds.

There are two ways to restore factory settings on the router:

Method 1 : Restore factory settings by pressing the RESET button

With the router turned on, press and hold the WPS / RESET button (for more than 10 seconds) until the SYS LED router starts slowly and then flashes quickly. After that, release the button and wait until the router is restored to the factory settings.

Method 2 : Via the web-based configuration utility of the router

If you are on the device’s management page, you can use the function to restore default settings. Go to the tab "System tools" (System Tools) -gt; "Factory settings" (Factory Defaults), then click "Restore" (Restore) and wait for the router to restore to factory settings.

1. Make sure that the power of the router is connected until the reboot is completed.

2. The default IP address is, the default username and password is admin (in the lower registry).

3. Verify that the IP address of your computer is on the same subnet as the device. This means that the IP address of your computer is 192.168.1.X /192.168.0.X (X is in the range 2 ~ 253), and the subnet mask is set

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