D-Link Managed Switch

ap mgmt

At the moment, D-link has two separate lines of access points: AirPremier and the so-called Unified solutions. AirPremier access points in the partner model are prefixed with DAP, Unified, or DWL, respectively.

Manage Wireless Access Points

There is a whole bunch of technologies to manage your wireless infrastructure. As the functionality grows, this:

AP Array, AP Cluster SNMP / D-Link D-View NMS D-Link Central WiFi Manager (CWM-100) software controller in standalone D-Link Wireless Controller (DWC) or integrated in D-Link Wireless Switch (DWS)

The lines of access points themselves differ in that Unified access points are often more expensive, equipped with a console port and carry some additional functionality: dual image, radio protect, and others.

Plus, the most important and significant difference, until recently, was the inability to centrally manage AirPremier enterprise access points other than using SNMP. But that all changed with the advent of CWM, which today will be discussed.

Central wifi manager

Central WiFi Manager is a free software controller supporting up to 500 (in the near future up to 1000) access points. CWM requires Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008R2 and later to work.

In addition to the basic functions for updating the software of access points, automatic channel selection and power adjustment, CWM can:

Captive Portal offers various Hotspot functions, authentication by vouchers and tickets, detects access points broadcasting the same SSID as the SSID of your wireless network, while not being controlled by a controller (Rogue AP detection) to monitor wireless network coverage, increase the power of neighboring access points in case of failure of one of them to avoid blind spots (WLAN Self-healing) L2 roaming Band Steering

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