How to Configure a Dir 300 Router

We connect to the Internet port of the router (yellow connector Fig. 1)

either a cable (twisted pair) through which the Internet comes from an Internet provider or the LAN port of your ADSL modem through which you connect to the Internet via a telephone line

We connect any of the four LAN ports of the router (black connectors of Fig. 1) to the network interface of your laptop or computer using the Ethernet cable (patch cord) from the router kit. The network interface of the computer to which you are connecting must be configured to automatically receive IP parameters. For example, in the Windows 7 operating system, this is done as follows: Start -gt; Control Panel -gt; Network and Internet-gt; Network and Sharing Center -gt; Changes to adapter settings. As a result, a window similar to that shown in fig. 2. Left-click on our network adapter, click on the right mouse button, select Properties (Fig. 2).

Figure 2

We select the Internet Protocol version 4 component (TCP / IPv4), click the Properties button (Fig. 3), and in the opened window put the labels opposite: Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain a DNS server address automatically (Fig. 4). Click OK. Also click OK on the properties tab (Fig. 3).

Figure 3

Figure 4

After connecting the wires and the settings, we turn on the router. Using the DHCP protocol, the router will automatically configure the IP address and other parameters of the network interface of our computer. To make sure that everything is done correctly, in Network Connection Management (Fig. 2), select our wired network adapter, right-click on it and, choosing Status (Fig. 2), in the opened window we will get a picture similar to Fig. 5. By clicking on the Details button, we get a picture similar to that shown in Fig. 6. In our case, the network interface received the IP address

Figure 5

Figure 6

If everything is in order and our network interface received the IP address, then we can proceed to configure the router. We start Internet Explorer, in the address bar we type (Fig. 7). After pressing the Enter key, we immediately receive a proposal to assign a password for the Router Administrator. Enter in the Password field, for example, the word taina. :-) You can dial any word or combination of characters and numbers in the English layout, the main thing then, if you suddenly need to reconfigure the router, do not forget this password. In the Confirmation field, we drive in the same word (Fig. 7). Click Save.

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