How to Connect a Router to a Laptop

how to connect a router

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Most users who want to connect the router to a computer or laptop are faced with the problem of connecting a router, due to the lack of knowledge of the simple functions of this device. Computer help Smart Tronics will tell you how to connect the router correctly. In fact, everything is simple, read on!

What can I connect the router to

This part of the article is for those who want to learn more about how versatile a modern router is. What can I connect the router to? Here is a general list of devices that can be connected to the router (this is its second name):

ComputerNotebookGame consoleSmartphoneTabletElectronic book

Here are the basic devices you can connect a router to. Why do you need such a connection of all kinds of gadgets? To freely exchange information between devices and on each of them have access to the Internet. You can connect the router using two different technologies: wired and wireless. The connection method depends on what kind of router you have (whether it has Wi-Fi support) and on your desire. In this article we will talk about connecting a wired network. Read about wireless technology in other equally useful publications on our website – wifi setup.

So, today, quite a lot of companies produce routers. At your choice, you can connect the Asus router, D-Link, Zyxel, Trendnet, 3COM, TP Link, Netgear and others. We want to say right away – no matter what brand you decide to purchase the device, its connection will be the same as an alternative manufacturer.

Standard router connection

We describe the functionality of a conventional router. This will help you understand what the connectors on the router are for and how to use them. How to connect a router? Everything is simple! Let’s look at the picture:

For a proper connection, using a network cable, do the following. Instructions for connecting the router:

Correctly crimp the twisted pair cable (UTP network cable), if necessary. Connect the router to the power supply. Connect the network cables. Configure the network.

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