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So, you wanted the Internet wirelessly on your devices, bought a Wi-Fi router, but don’t know what to do with it. Otherwise, you would hardly have gotten to this article. This tutorial for beginners will explain in detail and with pictures how to connect a router so that the Internet is accessible both by wire and Wi-Fi on all devices where it is required.

Regardless of which brand your router is: Asus, D-Link, Zyxel, TP-Link or any other, this guide is suitable for connecting it. We will take a closer look at connecting a conventional Wi-Fi router, as well as a wireless ADSL router.

What is a Wi-Fi router (wireless router) and how does it work

First, I’ll briefly talk about how the router works. This knowledge is likely to allow you not to make common mistakes.

When you simply connect to the Internet from a computer, depending on which provider you have, this happens as follows:

It starts High-speed PPPoE, L2TP or other connection to access the Internet No need to start anything, the Internet is available immediately, as soon as you turn on the computer

The second case can be implemented in different ways: it is either a connection with a dynamic IP, or the Internet through an ADSL modem in which the connection parameters are already configured.

When using a Wi-Fi router, this device itself connects to the Internet with the required parameters, that is, relatively speaking, it acts as a “computer” that is connected to the Internet. And the possibility of routing allows the router to “distribute” this connection to other devices both by wire and using a wireless Wi-FI network. Thus, all devices connected to the router receive data from it (including from the Internet) over the local network, while it is “physically” connected to the Internet and has its own IP address there, only the router itself.

I wanted to explain so that everything was clear, but in my opinion, only confused. Ok, read on. Some also ask: is it necessary to pay for the Internet via Wi-Fi? I answer: no, you pay for the same access and at the same tariff that you used earlier, only if you yourself did not change the tariff or connect additional services (for example, television).

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