Netgear Router Setup


Click here to watch a video example of resetting the WGR614v9 router to its original state.


If you changed the default password and forgot this password, you may need to restore the factory default settings of the NETGEAR device.

When a NETGEAR device is reset, it will return to the initial state of the new device, and all information entered manually will be lost! Including the most important parameters necessary for accessing the network, such as the username of the Internet provider, the password of the Internet provider, IP addresses, security keys for wireless connection and open ports and services. All this will need to be re-entered.

Thus, before restoring the factory settings, it is necessary to prepare information about the Internet provider.

Naturally, when moving to another city or when buying a used router, the stored information in the router is likely to be useless. Contact your Internet service provider if no computer can be connected directly to the Internet. After that, if a connection problem occurs when adding a router, see the section Lack of Internet access through a router

Most routers are reset using the reset button on the rear panel.

Record the configuration information — IP addresses, security keys, open ports and services, etc. that you changed. (The default username is admin, and the password is either password or 1234. Verify them before resetting the router.)

Press the reset button on the rear panel and hold it until the test indicator flashes. It takes about 10 seconds. (To prevent accidental pressing, this small button is located in the recess. Press it using a ballpoint pen or paper clip.) Release the button. Wait until the router restarts. Log in with the default password.

If the router configuration settings did not reset, try the following additional steps AFTER the router is rebooted.

Turn off the power of the router. Press and hold the reset button. While holding down the button, turn on the power of the router. Continue to hold the button for 20 seconds after connecting the power. Log in with the default password.

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