Netgear Router

We connect the power supply to the router gt; We insert the Internet wire into a special WAN port (usually it is blue) gt; Then with a short wire (patch cord) we connect the router to the computer by inserting it into any yellow port (LAN), and the other end into the computer’s network card gt; then turn on the router to the network. All your router is successfully connected. For clarity, see the figure below.

After connecting, you need to configure the network card so that it receives data automatically, how to do it is described in detail here.

Entrance to the router

After connecting and configuring the network card, we will enter the netgear n150 WNR612v2 router configuration interface. To do this, open any browser, in the address bar, write and press Enter. The authorization window will be displayed, you need to enter the data. You can find them on the back cover of the router. Usually by default they are: Username admin, Password password. Then click on the “Login” button.

If your netgear n150 router is being configured for the first time, a login window will open before you enter. Here you are asked if you want to configure the router on a semiautomatic device or manually. I advise everyone to manually configure the router to avoid future problems. To do this, put a dot in front of the inscription “No, I’m an advanced user …”, and click on the “Next” button.

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