Network Switch Diagram

Schematically, a computer-to-computer connection looks like this:

A local area network (in our context, a home network) is a group of interconnected computers, laptops, printers, televisions located within a house or a room. Advantages of using a local network: – Access to common network services. A) unhindered exchange of file resources over the network ( no need to transfer the file (photo, music, film) from one computer to another, using a USB drive, you can transfer it using the local home network). B) Using a network printer. If you have a printer installed in your home, you can print from any computer / laptop to this printer using your home network. C) Using your home network to build a game zone. Many games support the game on the local network, and if you have one, you can play games with computers on your local network. – All participants in the local network can go online (if configured). If you use Wi-Fi in building a home local network, then tablets and phones can also be connected to the local network and access the Internet from them. You can create a local home network in various ways, I will give the most popular of them, starting with the most primitive and ending with more complicated ways, with setting up the Internet on a local network.

Combining two computers / laptops into a home LAN using a network cable.

Let’s analyze the easiest way to combine two computers into a home network (computer – computer or laptop computer). For this we need two computers / laptops and one network cable. Modern network cards are able to recognize which crimp on your network cable, so you can crimp or buy a cable crimped Computer-Hub / Switch (direct crimp).

The advantages of this method of creating a home network:

– To create a network, you only need a cable and a clear head.


– In this way, in most cases, you can connect only two computers / laptops, since most computers / laptops have one network card.

– You must manually register the IP address and mask on all computers / laptops in the home network.

Below are links to articles that describe in detail how to set up a home network on various operating systems:

Combine multiple computers / laptops into your home LAN using Wi-Fi.

For this method, you need the presence of Wi-Fi on computers / laptops.

Wiring diagram:

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