Powerful Wai Fi Router

Quickly transfer large files with SuperBeam Windows

First you need to decide why bother with SuperBeam at all, if there is a Network or a USB cable.

Suppose you have uploaded the latest Game of Thrones series to your Android smartphone and want to share this wealth with thirsty fellow students. Throwing over Bluetooth is not an option. Sharing through the cloud is long and / or expensive for money. Scattering on the phones via a laptop is tedious and somewhat strange in the age of wireless technology. It turns out that the lecture was in vain was boring.

Here is another example. You are in a decent place with free Wi-Fi. Hooray, you can share anything and anything, it’s the Internet! But only in theory. In practice, even a wide channel is quickly absorbed by all visitors, and each of them gets crumbs. It would be better if he didn’t exist at all.

SuperBeam solves such problems in two ways:

in the first case, a direct Wi-Fi Direct connection is established without intermediaries, in the second – data transfer is carried out through a connection to a common router. Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct technology is supported by most modern Android smartphones. SuperBeam can establish such a connection without the hassle of literally a couple of tapas. The mobile application has a painfully clear interface, so there is no point in stopping on it.

I only note that you can transfer not only video, but a variety of content. Phones are mated using QR codes, NFC taps or manual password entry.


Need to transfer information from a computer or mobile gadget from Apple or to them? In this case, Wi-Fi Direct will not work – you have to connect to a common Wi-Fi router, after installing the appropriate client. It offers programs for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, as well as an application for iOS.

Neither your limited traffic, nor the connection speed will suffer at the same time – the Internet has nothing to do with it.

A program for Windows has the simplest structure possible, but Java is essential for its operation.

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