Rj45 Network Switch

D-LINK DFE-520TX Network Adapter - 10 / 100Mbps

ATTENTION !!! Wanting to save money (in order to save money), many people act as follows: first they read a certain amount of information, then they decide that they can do it themselves, go and buy everything they need, connect, configure and it doesn’t work for them or it works but not completely. Again they read a certain amount of information, reconnect, configure and again does not work. In general, they are tormented by wasting nerves, wasting time and money, and then they call a specialist who comes and does everything in 1 – 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the work and also takes the money.

So why waste your nerves wasting time and money if it is possible to immediately call a specialist who will connect and set up everything for you in the shortest possible time.

If you are sure that you can do it, then this detailed instruction is for you!

To install a local network at home with Internet access you will need:

1. Two or more computers with network adapters (network cards). Network adapter – a device designed to connect a computer to a local network. The network adapter controls access to the data medium and the exchange of data between network units.

Network adapter

2. A UTP CAT 5e cable (you can determine the length yourself) or a patch cord (the same as a cable that already has RJ-45 connectors on both ends). If you will be connecting two computers to a local network, then you will need one patch cord crimped by the connectors according to the “computer-to-computer” scheme.

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