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The phone does not see wifi

Only thanks to the Internet, smartphones become a magic wand in our hands. Using a network connection, they can replace us with tablets and laptops. But what if the phone does not see WiFi, how to deal with it? We will discuss possible solutions to this problem in this article, also answering a common question why the phone does not connect to the laptop’s WiFi.

The editorial office often receives questions about why the phone does not connect to WiFi. The number of such requests has become so large that we decided to sort out the problem and answer them.

How to connect Android to Wi-Fi and why the phone does not connect to the network?

Although connecting a smartphone to Wi-Fi is quite simple, not everyone knows how to do it. And owners of Android-based mobile devices now and then have questions why the phone does not connect to wifi or how to configure a wi-fi access point from the phone.

There may be several reasons why the phone does not connect to wifi on the street or at home.

Wrong password for accessing the Internet. The network may not work or function incorrectly. If you are at home, just reboot the access point / router. Wi-Fi on Android may not connect due to the type of protection being set incorrectly in the router. Typically, in such cases, WPA / WPA2 protection will be displayed. The question “Why the phone does not connect to WiFi writes saved?” often comes to the editorial office. This means that the device is not "sees" Wi-Fi network stored in the memory – either you are too far from the router, or the communication is blocked by the walls, or a failure has occurred that is fixed by rebooting the router and / or turning Wi-Fi off / on in the menu "settings"The smartphone may simply not support the Wi-Fi standards of your home router. Make sure this is not the case by reading the user guides for both devices. Resetting the gadget also helps – a simple but often effective solution. If the phone stops seeing WiFi or cannot connect to the Internet, try using a device reboot.

And now about connecting

First, turn on the Wi-Fi module. In any Android smartphone, this option is available in the settings menu. In more recent versions of the OS, the Wi-Fi switch is also in the quick settings panel. For quick access to options in the future, you can install the corresponding widget on your desktop. Next, the phone searches for available networks, and after completing the process, select the necessary and enter the password. Then confirm the entered data and you can use the network to work. Of course, if everything is done right.

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