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Configuring Kyivstar Home Internet on a router

And depending on which technology you choose, you can specify additional information that the provider most likely provided to you when you connected. For example, if the technology is Static IP, then the provider should give you the IP address and other information for the connection. If the PPTP / Russia PPTP technology, then you can specify the login, password, IP (if necessary). If the provider allocates a dynamic IP address, then simply set Dynamic IP and everything works. This is so for me, the Kyivstar Home Internet provider uses dynamic IP.

So you need to find out what technology your provider is using. How to do it? You can look in the documents that you received when connecting, you can search for information on the provider’s website, or you can just call and ask. Say that you are setting up the Internet on a Wi-Fi router, and do not know what type of connection and what settings to specify in the settings of the router. You must be provided with the necessary information.

You learned what settings you need to specify, now for clarity, I will show how to specify these settings in the router itself.

We go to the control panel of the router. To do this, in the address bar of the browser, type (if it does not work, then look at the address below the router). We enter the username and password, by default it is admin and admin (if you did not change it).

Go to the “Network” tab, then “WAN”.

For an example I show settings for Kyivstar Home Internet (Ukraine). This provider, as I already wrote, uses dynamic IP. Therefore, in order for the Internet to work, opposite the WAN Connection Type: specify Dynamic IP, click the “Save” button, reboot the router and rejoice (I hope :)).

Another example is the setting for the Beeline / Corbin provider.

As far as I know, this provider uses L2TP (Russian L2TP) technology. Therefore, opposite to WAN Connection Type: we specify L2TP / Russia L2TP.

User Name and Password – indicate your connection data (most likely, you received them when connecting).

Server IP Address / Name: – VPN server tp.internet.

WAN Connection Mode: – select Connect Automatically.

To save, click the “Save” button.

After making these settings, everything should work. If I’m not mistaken, then none of these providers use MAC address binding. Well, if your provider is binding to the MAC, then read on.

We clone the MAC address from the computer to the Wi-Fi router

If your provider binds the connection by MAC address, then for the Internet connection to work, you also need to clone the MAC address from the computer to the router. You can read more about the MAC address here.

Sure! You need to connect the router via a network cable to the computer on which the Internet used to work.

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