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How to connect the Internet through a router

The materials in this series of articles will help you acquire the skills to create a small network of several computers in your home, as well as connect your laptop to the Internet via a wi-fi wireless connection.

In order to carry out all the above operations, we need such a tricky device as a router. In order not to use any complicated terms and confusing explanations here, I will say in simple words: A router is actually a dividing box, thanks to which you can connect about 4 computers through a cable and many computers through a wireless connection.

That is, the provider in the apartment conducts us only one cable and, of course, we can connect only one computer if we do not use a router.

The most popular today are D-Link routers. It is on the example of a router of this company that I will show how to perform further actions.

If you print the box, then the kit should include: the router itself, the power supply, a cable with two RJ-45 plugs, instructions for use, and the installation disk.

You are unlikely to need the installation disk, because it is better to configure everything manually.

Let’s now take a look at the D-Link Dir-300 router itself. Pay attention to the ports:

INTERNET – the input for the cable, which was extended to you by the employees of the provider.

LAN 1, 2, 3, 4 – inputs for connecting computers. As you can see, the maximum number is 4 pieces.

5V-1.2A – for connecting the power supply.

RESET – a small button that can be pressed with a pen or a match. Reset or reload button. Resets all settings that you set and sets the default settings. A very convenient button when you forget the password for the router, because when you press the button, it is reset along with the rest of the settings.

How to reset router settings? In order to reset the password and router settings, just hold down the RESET button with a match and hold it pressed for a little more than 5 seconds. Then wait until the router reboots and the lights on the front panel begin to flash again, as if nothing had happened.

The router can be hung somewhere in the corridor so that it does not interfere. A 220V outlet should be in the vicinity so that the power supply gets out.

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