Router Without Wifi


By default, WiFi is inactive, you can start it using a special switch on the case or a keyboard shortcut that differs in technology from different manufacturers.

Carefully inspect the laptop. Look for a button or switch, next to which is the antenna receiving the signal (the picture may be different, but the meaning is clear to you). Found a switch – put it in the active position. A lamp should light up on the case, indicating that the device is ready to connect to wireless networks.

If there is no toggle switch, then WiFi is turned on by a combination of keys. You need to look for a suitable button in the row F1-F12. The search conditions are the same – the icon in the form of an antenna receiving the signal should be displayed on the key.

When you find the desired key, press it in combination with Fn to start the adapter. Possible combinations for different laptop manufacturers:

Acer – Fn + F3.Asus – Fn + F2.HP – Fn + F12. Lenovo – Fn + F5. Samsung – Fn + F12 or Fn + F9.Dell – Fn + F12 or Fn + F2.

Depending on the model, the combinations can change even on devices from the same manufacturer, but do not worry – the picture will make it clear that you were not mistaken.

If you did not find a switch or button in the F1-F12 row, then look in the system for a built-in utility for controlling WiFi. This is true for laptops from Samsung (Easy Settings utility) and laptops that have an Intel board installed (IntelPROSet program).

Equipment check

After physical inclusion, it is necessary to check whether the board is correctly detected on the computer. Open Device Manager and expand the “Network Adapters” section. It should display at least two lines – a network card for wired connection and a card for working with Wi-Fi (can be signed as Wireless).

Drivers should be for your laptop model. In addition, the software must be correlated with the bit depth of Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), otherwise the equipment will not work correctly. If the drivers are installed correctly, but the node is not functioning, right-click on it and click “Enable”.

Software launch

After checking the equipment in the device manager, you need to make sure that the Wi-Fi connection is enabled in the system itself. Before that, you worked directly with the module, now go to the connection settings.

If instead of “Enable” the option “Disable” is indicated in the context menu, then you do not need to do anything – Wi-Fi is already working and ready to use. By the way, in Windows 8, the “On Airplane” mode was added, the activation of which disables all communication methods on the laptop. On the “top ten” mode is also preserved, so if the Internet does not work, make sure that the “Airplane” mode is turned off.

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