Switches Network Connection


On the one hand, there is nothing complicated in setting up networks for virtual machines; on the other, many start to get confused in all these adapters, having difficulty understanding where the real is, where the virtual is, and how they differ from each other. We will try to clarify.

The Virtual Switch Manager is responsible for configuring networks in Hyper-V. If we open it, we will see the following picture:

As you can see, the creation of three types of networks is available to us: external, internal and private. Let’s take a closer look at why these networks are needed and what is the difference between them.

External network

The most common type of network that allows virtual machines to communicate with external networks and the host. When creating it, you must select one of the physical network adapters through which this virtual network will connect to external networks.

As we already wrote, the basis of a virtual network is a virtual switch. When creating an external network, Hyper-V creates a virtual switch to which both virtual machines and the host are connected via virtual network adapters (vNIC). The physical adapter disconnects from the host and essentially becomes the physical port of the virtual switch through which it connects to the external network.

This is easy to verify, after creating the external network, the Ethernet adapter for the Hyper-V virtual network appears on the host, to which all settings from the physical adapter are transferred.

And in the properties of the physical adapter there was only the Extensible virtual network switch in Hyper-V.

In the case of an external network, it should be clearly understood that the host, just like virtual machines, connects to the virtual switch through a virtual network adapter. A physical network adapter, after creating an external network, becomes the port of the virtual switch through which it connects to the external network. Therefore, all network settings of the host should be made only on the virtual network adapter.

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