The principle of the router


This article is for those who need the ability to “deploy” their own WiFi network in a field environment. To implement this idea, you need a portable wifi router.

Using a portable router

There are many options for using this device. But as the name suggests, the main feature is the possibility of convenient transportation – put in a pocket and forgot. We arrived at any destination, needed WiFi Internet, took out a router from a bag, pressed one button and everything is ready for wireless access.

Modern portable routers are equipped with a 3G modem, a built-in battery, a memory card slot and various connectors for connecting to a computer. All this makes these devices indispensable assistants in the “camping” conditions. They can work in various modes: access point, repeater, bridge, client, and, of course, the router itself.

Let’s go directly to the consideration of a portable router and take as a basis the Alcatel Y580D router, branded by the MTS provider with the new name MTS 411D.

Work with a router

Before you start, write down the number located on the battery sticker, this is the wireless access code (you can change it later).

To work with the router, you must press the power button, and it will automatically create a wireless network, which can be connected with a pre-recorded key. If your 3G card has Internet access, then you can use it with all devices connected via WiFi. This router has a web-based configuration interface, let’s look at its features. On the device connected to the router, launch the browser and write the standard address –, the start page opens. For full access, enter in the password field – admin, click – Login. Now consider each tab separately. Settings of the portable router

This tab consists of five sub-tabs: Wi-Fi, WPS, Router, Language, System.


Here we enter the following values:

802.11 mode – this router works with d \ g \ n modes. For accuracy, set the automatic mode. SSID identifier – if you turn it off, the network name will not be displayed when searching for wireless devices. Wi-Fi channel – usually set to automatic. In case of conflicts between routers, you can set a free channel. Maximum number of users – set a value that determines the maximum number of simultaneously connected wireless devices. Isolation of the access point is turned on in public places to minimize the possibility of unauthorized access.

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