Wai Fai is

– Mom, Dad, this is Gennady. He is a renowned blogger, freelance copywriter and specialist in new media.

– God, again I brought a freak to the house.

(instead of an epigraph)

A few years ago, startups were in fashion. Every second considered himself a hidden startup, and coworking arose like mushrooms after rain. After all, everyone understands that you can only do startups in coworking, trying not to spill coffee brewed in Kemex on the macbook keyboard.

It seems that since then, startups have become a little quieter, or maybe just parents began to give less money. One way or another, socially active youth found a new occupation for themselves: urban studies. At least every second considers himself a hidden urbanist now, and this activity, unlike startups, almost does not require investments – know yourself to turn your head and participate in workshops on the organization of urban spaces. With all this fuss, we began to forget where urbanism came from and why it was needed.

Wikipedia claims that the first urbanists were Plato and Aristotle, but this is not entirely true. The modern urbanism in the form in which it is promoted by fashion bloggers was invented by the Swedes with Finns and other Scandinavians, and they came up with for a very banal reason. Not the most pleasant pri- or even polar climate, social alienation, hand-to-hand linking frenzied tolerance and Рas if all this is not enough Рhigh alcohol prices. Add to this the fact that you have some Malm̦, or even Helsinki, outside the window, and you will understand why there is such a high suicide rate in those parts of the world.

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