What is a Wi-Fi Router

QSS button on TP-Link router

You simply find your network on the device, select WPS in the advanced settings and click on the “Puch Button” (I have this in my phone), then click on connect, and on the router press the QSS button. Devices exchange a PIN code and connect to each other. As you can see, everything is convenient, nothing needs to be entered. Checked at home, everything works fine.

Now I’ll write in more detail:

How to enable (disable) QSS on a TP-Link router. How to connect a device (phone) to a Wi-Fi router using QSS technology What is the threat of using WPS (QSS) technology. How to enable, (disable) QSS on a TP-Link router?

Immediately, before I forget, I want to give an answer to those who ask: and if I click on this QSS button, does this mean that everyone can connect to my router? The answer is no, this button only works when you press it, and for some time after pressing (not long), and at this moment you connect the phone or tablet. The process of connecting and exchanging a PIN code takes only a few seconds.

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