Wi-Fi Router D-Link

Home page of the D-Link DIR-300 router web interface

If you just bought a new D-Link DIR-300 NRU router, you can immediately type in the browser address bar

In the window that appears, enter the login: admin and password: admin.

Note. If you got a router from friends, etc., it may be necessary to first perform a software reset of the router (restoration to factory settings). To do this, there is a button on the back of the box, which you can click on with a thin sharp object.

Immediately upon the first login, you will be asked to change the password. Set a new password to enter, and then re-enter the settings of the router.

After you go to the router settings, on the main page you will see general information about the router: firmware version, date of its assembly, local address of the router.

Note. Firmware is the router software recorded in its memory. From the moment the router was purchased to the current moment, the manufacturer of the D-Link DIR-300 NRU router could already update the firmware version to a newer one. Updating the firmware version of the D-Link DIR-300 NRU router can sometimes fix some errors and expand the capabilities of the router. We do not recommend updating the firmware if your router still works properly.

Configuring the DIR-300 router to connect to the Internet

Click on the “Network” link in the left column of the menu, then on the page click on the line with the word WAN.

Configuring the external network interface of the router

In the LAN settings under the WAN name, we leave the “connection type” IPoE unchanged and the checkmark opposite the “Allow” option.

If you are connected to the Internet via a television cable, enter the MAC address of the computer’s network card from which you accessed the Internet before installing the router in the MAC field.

You can find out the mac address by running getmac on the command line or by contacting technical support by phone. The MAC address is written in English letters and numbers in pairs, separated by a colon, for example 00: 45: FB: 3E: 29: AA.

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