10 Gb Switch

This line includes four models of switches that differ in the number of ports (24 copper + 2 optical, 48 copper + 4 optical) and maximum total power (250, 500, 750 W) of PoE outputs. EdgeSwitch has a wide range of Layer-2 features and switching protocols, as well as Layer-3 routing capabilities.

EdgeSwitch switches are carrier-grade gigabit switches with extensive functionality. EdgeSwitch allows you to supply power to devices connected to it using the PoE protocol. The device supports the popular PoE + IEEE 802.3af / at and Passive PoE standards with a voltage of 24 V. The connected 802.3af / at devices are detected automatically, Passive PoE is configured independently on any port. EdgeSwitch are produced with 24 or 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports and are also equipped with SFP- ports, which allows you to integrate copper and fiber networks without the use of additional equipment for converting the environment. 48-port models include two SFPs and two SFP + ports, which provide up to 10 Gb / s uplink.

First look

Outwardly – nothing out of the ordinary: black, 1U. On the front panel of the ES-24-250W are 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports, each of which is equipped with LED indicators for connection, activity and PoE mode. Two SFP 1 Gb / s ports, compatible with any modules that comply with this standard. The total throughput of the router is 26 Gbit / s for all ports – accordingly, the manufacturer claims a switching capacity of 52 Gbit / s.

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