10Gb switch

64-Port 10Gb Ethernet Switch - Mellanox SX1016

The Mellanox SX1016 is a cost-effective, high-performance 64-port 10Gb Ethernet switch providing 1.28Tb / s performance. Thanks to its Mellanox SwitchX ™ chips and innovative design, the 1U form factor switch accommodates 64 SFP + ports.

The Mellanox SX1016 switch delivers industry-leading 250 nanosecond latency and power consumption of less than 1.8W per port, delivering optimal performance and efficiency for enterprise data centers, financial services, Web 2.0, cloud and high-performance computing.

Delivering industry-leading port density, energy efficiency, and the lowest latency, the Mellanox SX1016 10Gb Ethernet Switch provides data centers with significant benefits in terms of high performance and scalability, while lowering operational costs.

Benefits: Better performance and scalability Ultra-high density (64 SFP +, 1U ports) Lowest latency in the industry (250 nanoseconds) Low power consumption (1.8 W per port) IPv6 support

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