300 Mbps router

Why does the connection speed from the NWD2205 wireless adapter not reach 300 Mbps when connected to a router that supports 802.11n and a speed of 300 Mbps?


Make sure that the Wi-Fi access point on your router or modem supports a maximum connection speed of up to 300 Mbps *. Currently there are devices that support the 802.11n standard, but are able to set the speed to only 150 Mbps *. If you are sure that your router or modem supports a maximum connection speed of up to 300 Mbps, follow the recommendations below to get the maximum connection speed to a Wi-Fi network.

* – Maximum speed of work at the physical level according to the IEEE 802.11n standard when connected to adapters that use two spatial streams and a 40 MHz channel for reception and transmission. The actual speed of data transmission in a wireless network depends on the features and settings of client equipment, the number of clients on the network, obstacles to the signal transmission, as well as the presence of other wireless networks and radio interference in the same range.

In accordance with the IEEE 802.11i standard, using the secure wireless access protocol WPA2, the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is used. Thus, when using WPA2, you need to use AES encryption mode in the settings of the wireless adapter. Another possible reason for connecting only to the 802.11g standard is that the access point settings use the auto-detection mode (802.11b / g / n). If you want to establish a connection on the 802.11n standard, then the access point needs to be set to use only 802.11n mode (in this case, 802.11b / g clients will not be able to connect to the wireless network).

1. In the router / modem, configure the security mode of WAP2-PSK and AES.

In our example, we use the Wi-Fi access point of the Keenetic series Internet center (in our devices, using WAP2-PSK, AES mode is automatically used). If you can manually set the encryption mode in the settings of your access point, set mode 2. Configure the NWD2205 adapter as shown below.

In the security settings, set the mode to WPA2-PSK.

And then set the encryption type to AES and specify the PSK key.

3. The NWD2205 adapter must connect to an access point on the 802.11n standard using speeds above 150 Mbps (in our example, the adapter connected at a speed of 300 Mbps).

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