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How to sell a tiny inexpensive number to a customer?

Airbnb service, where you can rent housing in any city, has seriously changed the situation in the hotel market. It is so popular that the Chicago Art Institute staged an action for Van Gogh’s exhibit going on there. The apartment for delivery was designed exactly as on the canvas “Bedroom in Arles”. Everyone can now feel like Van Gogh in Chicago for a very modest amount. (Naturally, the popularity of this apartment is enormous).

But what is the hotel business to do now? The new solution is micro-hotels. They are really micro. They have rooms of 6 sq.m! Of course, this allows you to significantly reduce the price for guests. However, how to attract these guests? Low price is good, but the size of the room, frankly, is small. In some, there is practically only one bed, as in CitizenM in the photo.

Such hotels win on additional services and pleasures. First of all, technology. There is no porter at New York’s Yotel, but there is a robotic arm that picks up and pulls out luggage. CitizenM includes free Wi-Fi access to a free movie collection. Not only that, there is a remote control for curtains, lights and a TV. In Moxy, motion sensors light bulbs up to the bathroom when you get out of bed at night. For work, instead of traditional business centers, they offer small alcove negotiation rooms.

Secondly, a little extra luxury. CitizenM has huge beds with orthopedic mattresses and softest pillows filled with high-quality linen, and the shower imitates rain. Yotel offers free coffee and tea all day, and fresh muffins in the morning.

Thirdly, communication. Many hotels have a large common space with separate areas for work, leisure, food. Board games and even slot machines are installed there and encourage customers to spend evenings in communication and invite guests.

Of course, this format of accommodation is not suitable for everyone. But it is obvious to many, as these chains not only thrive, but also open new hotels.

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