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We find out the firmware version for the TP-Link TL-WR841N router

When I installed the router at home, I immediately updated the firmware, and for almost half a year I had no problems. And judging by the comments on the article on configuring the TL-WR841N router, there are a lot of problems for the people. Most often, this breaks the Internet connection, a network without access to the Internet, or simply devices do not want to connect to Wi-Fi.

Of course, you shouldn’t blame the Wi-Fi router for everything, there may still be problems with the devices you want to connect, as well as with the Internet connection itself. But the more stable the router will work, the less will be all of these problems, which I wrote about above.

What am I leading to? And the fact that Wi-Fi routers need to be updated is not just necessary, but necessary. Not only do manufacturers release a software update, in these updates they fix errors, thereby increasing the stability of the router itself, of course there are exceptions that errors are not fixed, but they are added but it’s rare. Moreover, the firmware is not complicated and takes several minutes. Now I will demonstrate.

As I already wrote, I will show how to update the software on the TP-Link TL-WR841N router, but if you have a different router, then read it anyway, since the update process is not very different. I was just about to write this article, I went to the site and saw that there was a new update for my router. Great, updated!

How to update firmware on a Wi-Fi router?

Attention! You only need to flash the router by connecting it to the computer via a network cable. Wi-Fi cannot update firmware! If the computer has Wi-Fi, turn it off. Do not turn off the router during firmware!

Attention! Make sure you choose the right firmware. If the firmware is not for your device, then you may lose the warranty and the router itself.

Attention! At the time of the firmware, disconnect the cable from the WAN jack (cable from the provider) from the router.

Before downloading the firmware, we need to find out the hardware version of our router. If you fill in the firmware of another version, then there may be bad consequences, be careful. We take the router, turn it with the antennas down and see which version is indicated there.

You see, it says “Ver: 7.2 ″, so I need to download the update for version 7. Remember what version you have.

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