How much is a router

How much does a RouterStolbik thermometer cost over the past few weeks, more or less stably kept above the mark of 20 degrees, and on some days it gives out all 30-35 Celsius. This motivates a variety of types of recreation associated with being outside the home. The problem for me is that wherever I go, I always want to get access to the Internet. Fortunately, the Lexand LPB-78W was in my hands, which (as far as I know) cannot boast of a large (and indeed at least some) number of competitors. In one small box with dimensions 111 x 63 x 23 mm, a combination of a number of extremely useful functions was found. 3G for the people Number one – insert a 3G modem into the Lexand LPB-78W (support for 4G on the way), if necessary, drive in the settings and get Wi -Fi hotspot. Of course, we saw a lot of portable routers. But so that with your own battery – one, two and miscalculated. And in vain. In my country house, the mobile network works in the best field traditions, with varying degrees of signal strength in all three planes. Moreover, the signal at the beginning of the second floor was experimentally recognized as the best within the house. For obvious reasons, leaving the smartphone there for distribution did not “warm me” at all. It was possible to get confused by some three-meter USB extension cable and hold a modem from a laptop. However, this is a) dependence on the included laptop b) some kind of completely non-modern design. Therefore, the Lexand LPB-78W received for temporary use was placed on the top step of the stairs, from where it successfully broadcast for a smartphone and laptop. Alternatively, distributing a Lexand LPB-78W connection can be useful on the go. For example, during a long trip in a car, passengers centrally “eat”, as an option – they are reduced to pay for traffic together.

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