How to Connect a Tp-Link Router

Note: this article will not work for you if your connection is carried out in the following ways:

Your ISP has provided you with a static IP address before purchasing the TP-Link router. If you need to manually register the IP address on your computer to access the Internet, refer to this instruction.

Additional preparation:

Turn off the power on your router, modem, and computer. Connect the modem to the TP-Link router’s WAN port using an Ethernet cable, connect the host computer to the router’s LAN port using an Ethernet cable. Turn on the power on the router, then on the modem and computer.

Step 1. Log in to the web-based configuration utility of the router.

Step 2. Configure the WAN connection type.

After entering the router configuration utility, go to the “Network” menu of the “WAN” subsection. In the WAN Connection Type line, select Dynamic IP Address, as shown below. Then click the “Save” button.

Step 3. Test the connection.

Wait a few minutes and check the information on the Status page in the WAN section. If the router receives any IP address (by analogy as shown below), this will mean that the connection between the router and the modem is established. If the IP address is not displayed in the WAN subkey, refer to step 4.

Step 4. Cloning the MAC address.

Select “Network”, subsection “Cloning MAC address”, click the “Clone MAC address” button, then click “Save”.

Step 5. What to do if the IP address is still not displayed.

If after step 4 in the WAN section the IP address still does not appear, reboot your cable modem, after which after 10 seconds reboot the TP-Link router. After the reboot, you should get the WAN IP address and access the Internet.

Note: Some cable modems have a built-in backup battery. Remove the battery from the modem, and then restart the modem.

This article is suitable for:


TL-WR54KIT, TL-WR841N, TL-WDR3500, TL-WR743ND, TL-WR543G, TL-WR2543ND, Archer C50, TL-WDR4900, TL-MR3420, TL-WR941ND, TL-WR843N, TL-WR710N, TL-WDR43 , TL-R402M, TL-WR541G, TL-R860, TL-WR702N, TL-WR802N, TL-WR700N, TL-WR841HP, TL-WR340G, TL-WR1043ND, TL-WR1042ND, TL-WR300KIT, TL-WDR3600, TL -WR542G, TL-WR150KIT, Archer C20, TL-WR940N, Archer C7, Archer C20i, TL-WR741ND, TL-WR740N, TL-WR840N, TL-WR841ND, TL-WR810N, TL-WR340GD, TL-WR720N WR843ND, TL-WR842ND, TL-MR3020, Archer C5, TL-R460, Archer C2, TL-MR3220, TL-MR3040

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